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The trauma consequent to a Pathological Love Relationship (PLR) differs from the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) even if some of the symptoms concur (flash backs, anxiety, despair). According to Sandra Brown[1], cognitive dissonance is the primary psychological injury from PLR. It’s not the beatings, the cheating, the loss of money, nor the shaming sex as reported by the victims. They can no longer trust their intuition or instinct to discern the good from the bad because the perception of reality has been constantly distorted by repeated exposure to manipulation by a troubled, control freak personality in the relationship. They can no longer, feel, see and behave in accordance with whom they perceive to be.

The relationship with a pathological partner will inevitably generate harm based on the fact that they will never be able to bring the relationship to normalcy because of their own problematic biology. As a victim, trying to make sense and respond to the tortuous, non-sensible request of a distorted mind we put ourselves at risk of developing depression, high anxiety and chronic disease (cancer, auto-immune disease, degenerative disease). Remember as Sandra Brown says that pathological partners are sicker than we are smart.

A parallel between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the psychopath brain

As a comparison, I can’t help but to establish a parallel between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the psychopath brain. In this special broadcast on AI[2], guest personalities recognize that experts have not succeeded in teaching the machine to develop and acquire moral awareness of deep universal human values to guide its conduct. All it can do is suggest feelings.

In the same way, I believe, a psychopath can act and demonstrate feelings in a fairly credible way, but they can’t really feel it. The empathy part of the brain is absent or deficient. It appears that both can simulate joy and sadness in the conversation to create an artificial emotional bond. I believe that’s what makes the AI machine and the psychopath attractive, and in some cases, dangerous.

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[3] Émission spéciale L’Intelligence artificielle décodée avec Patrice Roy, jeudi 7 décembre 2023, sur ICI RDI, ICI

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