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Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"

Jocelyne Durand

Jocelyne Durand is an Author, Consultant and Adult Educator with a Master’s Degree in Education, with the focus in Andragogy, which refers to the methods and approaches used in adult education contributing to self-actualization, gaining experience, and advanced problem-solving.

Jocelyne Durand is an expert in recognizing and dealing with the problems involved in handling difficult personalities, including sociopathic and psychopathic issues. Her passion is helping people deal with difficult personalities in their lives, both at home and in the work place.

She specializes in helping people (especially women) successfully recognize toxic patterns of behavior and raise their awareness of these issues. Her work helps provide tools to allow others to move forward from challenging situations and protect themselves, develop more clarity about how to avoid toxic patterns of behavior, and learn to master the difficult situations in their lives, and fulfill their goals and dreams.

In addition, Jocelyne Durand works in corporate and other workplace environments to help executives, employees and managers understand and address both unacceptable behaviors and learn appropriate conflict resolution. She works as a specialized executive coach and consultant, helping organizations and individuals handle issues with abrasive personalities in the workplace.

Jocelyne Durand has presented unique and very successful presentations and workshops as a subject matter expert at various venues, including the Ottawa University on Dealing with Difficult and Very Difficult Behaviors for 8 years.

She is also a professional speaker and presenter for groups and organizations, large and small. As a professional trainer, speaker and executive specialized coach, she assists individuals and organizations to recognize and deal effectively with difficult personalities and abrasive leaders.

She regularly is called upon to provide corporate executive consulting and coaching to achieve greater harmony and balance with high level talent. She offers an extensive program that often leads to higher levels of cooperation and success in the workplace. In addition, she offers specialized analysis and individualized executive consulting, and serves as an executive coach for abrasive leaders.

Her latest workshops on Dealing with Difficult Behaviors address both preliminary and advanced specialized programs that can be geared to groups of all sizes, backgrounds and circumstances. Her new webinar, Understanding Your Personal Relationships” is a two-hour interactive presentation that provides powerful skills and tools and a proven path to solutions.


In addition, Durand offers a professional workshop program on Managing Abrasive Behavior designed for managers and human resource professionals. This program reveals why employees behave abrasively, and helps managers accurately differentiate between acceptable conflict and unacceptable behavior and find effective resolutions. Based on her work, she also creates individualized workshops that can be presented for various groups and organizations depending on their needs and focus. Stay tuned for more information on dates of upcoming events.

In 2021, Durand authored a book in both English and French with the working title From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult BehaviorsThis book will be published in the US and Canada in 2023. Through her personal life experiences and professional expertise and research, the book reveals the effects on individuals who are exposed to toxic behaviors. Durand provides ways to recognize toxic behavior in life and in the workplace and reveals unique approaches to deal with these behaviors. Her work also reveals specific and unique strategies that people can use to protect themselves from having their health, sanity, careers, and future success negatively impacted by others.

Her research for keynote workshops on dealing with difficult and very difficult behaviors as a subject matter expert at the University of Ottawa allowed Durand to describe and offer solutions for specific behaviors that many specialists have ignored.

Her broad knowledge and expertise as a health practitioner positively influences her coaching, lectures and training and is a critical element to help clients with the aftermath of being exposed to sustained toxic and difficult behaviors or abuse. She is certified as a Phytotherapist by the Association Québécoise des Phytothérapeutes in Montreal. In addition, she is a member of the National Association of Naturopaths (NAN).

She trained for 15 years in NLP, which provided her an incredible background in advanced communications skills and transformational techniques. She also studied for 20 years in two important concepts—Morita and Naikan—the core of the highly effective Japanese Psychology and Therapy, which gives her an exceptional background in advanced mental health approaches. These techniques derived from an Eastern psychology model can be applied to master one’s life and is often successful where other techniques and practices have failed.

She is also an ombudsman, a conflict resolution practitioner. She also serves as an Organizational Ombudsman practitioner, promoting and facilitating balance and equity for all, and works to resolve concerns, disputes and systemic problems with high-level leaders in a confidential manner. She is also a mediator and a conflict resolution practitioner offering facilitated discussions, individual consultations and group interventions.

Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"