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Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"

The Purpose

Jocelyne Durand founded Consciousness 360 in 2011 to present her work as a trainer, researcher, educator, speaker and independent consultant. She is a personal specialized consultant and conflict management expert offering a broad spectrum of strategies and training resources to help individuals and organizations deal effectively with difficult and high conflict behaviors in the workplace.

One important goal in the work of Jocelyne Durand is to help as many people as possible to keep moving towards achieving their goals, despite significant challenges they may be facing. That is the purpose of Consciousness 360 – to facilitate that movement toward wholeness that so many people today are seeking.

Nobody gains from playing small.

- Jocelyne Durand

One important goal in the work of Jocelyne Durand is to help as many people as possible to keep moving towards achieving their goals, despite significant challenges they may be facing.

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Online Private PSYCH-K® Sessions :

Psych-K® helps people from all walks of life with all kinds of goals. Jocelyne specializes in helping women identify, protect and free themselves from toxic relationships because she has walked that path herself and knows it well.

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Dealing with someone with a toxic personality can have detrimental effects on both our personal and professional lives. Personally, it can take a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. Constant exposure to negativity, manipulation, and toxic behavior can lead to increased stress, anxiety, and even depression. It can leave us feeling drained, demotivated, and constantly on edge. Our self-esteem may suffer as we are constantly second-guessing ourselves and seeking validation from someone who thrives on putting others down. What is even worse is the unfortunate possibility that your safety, or that of a family member might actually be at risk, because of a toxic person.

Japanese Psychology provides proven and effective techniques for managing toxic relationships. By practicing these valuable techniques, we can navigate these challenging dynamics with greater resilience, safety and inner peace.

Join me and Mike DeLuca - host of "Goal Achievement MasterMind", as we discuss "Managing Toxic Relationships Using the Secrets of Japanese Psychology."

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Even if you are fortunate enough to not be dealing with someone with a toxic personality, it is highly likely that someone you know, love or work with is. Invite your friends, family and co-workers to this very important event.

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Understanding Your Personal Relationships

This Transformational Webinar Reveals:

* 3 Keys to forging healthy, successful and nourishing                           relationships

* 3 Hidden signs of potentially noxious relationships and               what to do

* 3 Strategies to effectively protect your personal power and          help you thrive while in relationships with difficult and            challenging people

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New Book - Arriving in 2024

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"Jocelyne Durand’s book is a deeply personal account of a woman's decades-long journey into becoming a self-aware, self-responsible and an indefatigable person. I was deeply touched by the writer's intimate details of her struggles. It shows how anyone, female or male, can rise up out of abusive relationships and conquer all."

-Henry Koster, Brisbane, Australia

Owning the Life you Choose is an educational memoir that illustrates my experience, as an individual and a professional, of subtle forms of aggression (covert narcissism, borderline, paranoid, dramatic, sociopathic, psychopathic, perverse manipulation), which have now reached the level of a silent pandemic. One out of 5 people in the US suffers from a non- diagnosed personality disorder affecting on average between 60 to 100 millions of people, making it the # 1 Public Health Issue in the US and in the world.  There is no public education offered to prevent the damage of such a pandemic. This puts the overall population at risk of silently developing chronic disease, depression or committing suicide. Qualified independent writers and experts need to come to the forefront.

The first part of the book is meant to raise the awareness of what these types of silent or covert abuse can do to your life, through real events and characters. People can’t heal what they do not identify. The second part of the book brings advanced techniques I became certified in. I later taught them at my University and then used them as an expert to help and advise people and corporate executives on how to go beyond fear, deal with toxic relationships in a way that protects them, realize their purpose and own their life.  Among those techniques are: Japanese Psychology, PSYCH-K®, NLP, Specialized Executive Coaching for Abrasive Leaders, as well as advanced spirituality concepts and exercises. 90% of our life is lived unconsciously.  As a candidate for a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology and a seasoned professional trainer and coach, I can help individuals and advise professionals on how to recognize how our thoughts, acquired beliefs, electronic media and even past lives shape our life unconsciously and sabotage our best efforts. The book is about reclaiming our lives, dreams, and mission in full awareness, with the help of powerful examples and techniques.


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