Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"

Jocelyne Durand is a keynote speaker and consultant who provides exceptional one-on-one specialized coaching for individuals and also provides executive consulting.

She is regularly called upon to provide private sessions for individuals. In addition, she does corporate executive consulting and coaching to achieve greater harmony and balance with high level business talent. She offers an extensive executive program that often leads to higher levels of cooperation and success in the workplace. In addition, she offers specialized analysis and individualized personal or executive consulting, and serves as an executive coach for abrasive leaders.



The Psych-K® process helps people from all walks of life with all kinds of goals. Jocelyne specializes in helping women identify, protect and free themselves from toxic relationships because she has walked that path herself and knows it well.

The Psych-K® process helps people move beyond the limitations of past beliefs and manifest new realities through expanded awareness and more choice. Real and lasting change occurs when conscious goals are supported by subconscious beliefs and programs.

Everyone can benefit from updating old programs that no longer serve and may even sabotage our conscious initiatives. If you would like to experience the benefits of the PSYCH-K® process, Jocelyne is available for private sessions, by phone or online.

The PSYCH-K® process is strictly limited to the modification of beliefs. The PSYCH-K® process is not designed to diagnose medical problems, nor is it a replacement for medical attention or professional mental health care.



"I was very satisfied with the help Jocelyne gave me during our PSYCH-K session. She explained the process and then helped me phrase a positive goal statement to replace an old limiting belief. My mind being very intrusive, Jocelyne was very competent and attentive in providing me with a tool to facilitate the emergence of new beliefs to anchor in my subconscious." 

Isabelle Uyttenhove - (France) (December 2022)


"The last three years I have done a lot of inner transformational work in order to complete past beliefs to learn to integrate new beliefs about how loved and appreciated I am in the world. These new beliefs lived as affirmations with one last and very vital piece left to integrate. These new beliefs were not yet held at a subconscious level, so they were weak and easily derailed by the mind.

I am eternally grateful to you Jocelyne who helped me to integrate these new beliefs at
a subconscious level. This Psych K experience with you has upgraded this whole experience of what is a belief and how do I let go of it and create something new and say something new and live like ALL IS WELL. There is a whole new world of being loved and appreciated available to live into now."

Marvin Miller - (Canada) (December 2022)


"Jocelyne has been generous of her time and expertise to really listen to me and identify a limiting belief to change. The restructuration brings a positive outlook on a situation that was once confused and more limited. Now that I have a broader perspective, supported by a new positive belief; I can explore many possibilities with more confidence and trust." 

C.V. - (Ontario, Canada) (December 2022)


"A thousand thanks to you Jocelyne who accompanied me in my transformation, who helped me to reconnect with my initial essence; thanks to your precious listening, your guidance and your wise advice. I am very grateful to you!"

Monique Roy - (Québec, Canada) (January 2023)


"Last summer, I went through a very traumatic period where I was overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and difficulty seeing a solution to a problem. I could hardly sleep and my mind was rehearsing over and over what looked insurmountable.

Jocelyne helped me with the PSYCH-K® process. Within a few sessions, she helped me delve into the core of old beliefs that caused this event to have such a traumatic impact on me. I know from experience that it may have taken months or years to come to this peaceful place within myself. Yet it did, while the problem itself had not changed. With a peaceful heart, I could then see more clearly the steps I needed to take to remain serene through this challenge.

Impressed, I definitely was and still am.  But mostly immensely grateful to have Jocelyne crossing my path when I needed it the most. With her, I feel completely secure and safe to face myself. Thank you so much, Jocelyne!"

Mariette G, (Quebec, Canada) (January 2023)

"The scenery around me is suddenly different. I feel like I have changed universes.
I don't recognize anything anymore, as if a spell had been removed from my life (my home, my animals and the reflection of myself in the mirror.)

I am totally amazed...

I can't wait for our next meeting.

Thank you for your time, you were very generous.

My life is changed, I am so relieved already. I never thought I would experience this freedom and peace so quickly, so soon, so strongly, especially after what I have been through lately.

Thank you, Jocelyne!"

RE, (Alberta, Canada) (January 2023)


"I am feeling better and better as time passes. My nervous system is being restored slowly but steadily.  This is best thing I have done in many moons. It felt so unreal along the way.  Thank you for helping me to see the light."

RP, (Ottawa, Canada) October 2023)


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Webinars and Seminars

Jocelyne provides an ongoing series of special one-day Webinars and weekend Seminars - both live - and on-demand recorded.

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Coaching and Consulting

All coaching and consulting is confidential. Private coaching and consulting is available for individuals or executives in the workplace. Executive Specialized Coaching for Abrasive Leaders in the Workplace is designed for corporations and organizations. Please see Blogs to learn more.


"Thank you for your time earlier today Jocelyne! Your expertise and coaching regarding dealing with toxic and abusive personalities was so powerful, so insightful and so therapeutic. You are a Godsend!"

GD - (California, USA) (February 2023)



Although it may seem cliché The Durand Consciousness 360 Method© is truly exceptional.

Struggling with an immense inner emptiness and intense emotional pain for several decades no traditional therapy had succeeded.

My meeting with Jocelyne at a Wellness Centre was decisive.

I was able to see her great professionalism but above all her great humanity and her great sense of others.

With honesty and transparency, I decided to trust her.

Finally, believe me THAT WORKS! YES, IT WORKS!"

ND - (Québec, Canada) (January 6, 2024)


"Hi Jocelyne,

I wanted to thank you for this little gift this morning,

and especially for helping me start my new life.

Best wishes for a Happy New Year to you and your family."

GAG - (Gatineau, Québec) (December 27, 2023)



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Keynote Speaker and Educator

Jocelyne Durand has presented unique and very successful presentations and workshops as a subject matter expert at the Ottawa University on Dealing with Difficult and Very Difficult Behaviors for 8 years. She is available to speak, participate in panels, and provide courses to organizations, women’s groups and businesses.

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University Trainer, Speaker and Executive Specialized Coach

As a university trainer, speaker and executive specialized coach, Jocelyne Durand assists individuals and organizations in recognizing and dealing effectively with difficult personalities and abrasive leaders. She is a professional speaker for events and a presenter for groups and organizations, large and small. She also offers advanced transformational programs customized for each group.

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  • “Abrasive Personalities and Difficult Leaders in the Workplace”
  • “Protecting Personal Power in Abusive Relationships”
  • “Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors”
  • “Aware: Identifying Narcissists Among Us”
  • “Aware: Identifying Psychopaths Among Us”
  • “Understanding Difficult Behaviors”
  • “Advancing Professional Relationships Despite Difficult Behaviors”
  • “The Cost of Remaining in Toxic Relationships”
  • “How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Toxic Web of Abuse”
  • *From 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life by Bill Eddy
  • “Working Life from Purpose and Not Emotions— Introduction to Morita and Naikan Methods of Japanese Psychology”
Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"