Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"

Jocelyne Durand is a keynote speaker and consultant who provides exceptional one-on-one specialized coaching for individuals and also provides executive consulting.

She is regularly called upon to provide private sessions for individuals. In addition, she does corporate executive consulting and coaching to achieve greater harmony and balance with high level business talent. She offers an extensive executive program that often leads to higher levels of cooperation and success in the workplace. In addition, she offers specialized analysis and individualized personal or executive consulting, and serves as an executive coach for abrasive leaders.


Keynote Speaker and Educator

Jocelyne Durand has presented unique and very successful presentations and workshops as a subject matter expert at the Ottawa University on Dealing with Difficult and Very Difficult Behaviors for 8 years. She is available to speak, participate in panels, and provide courses to organizations, women’s groups and businesses.

University Trainer, Speaker and Executive Specialized Coach

As a university trainer, speaker and executive specialized coach, Jocelyne Durand assists individuals and organizations in recognizing and dealing effectively with difficult personalities and abrasive leaders. She is a professional speaker for events and a presenter for groups and organizations, large and small. She also offers advanced transformational programs customized for each group.

Coaching and Consulting

All coaching and consulting is confidential. Private coaching and consulting is available for individuals or executives in the workplace. Executive Specialized Coaching for Abrasive Leaders in the Workplace is designed for corporations and organizations. Please see Blogs to learn more.

  • “Abrasive Personalities and Difficult Leaders in the Workplace”
  • “Protecting Personal Power in Abusive Relationships”
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  • “Aware: Identifying Narcissists Among Us”
  • “Aware: Identifying Psychopaths Among Us”
  • “Understanding Difficult Behaviors”
  • “Advancing Professional Relationships Despite Difficult Behaviors”
  • “The Cost of Remaining in Toxic Relationships”
  • “How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Toxic Web of Abuse”
  • *From 5 Types of People Who Can Ruin Your Life by Bill Eddy
  • “Working Life from Purpose and Not Emotions— Introduction to Morita and Naikan Methods of Japanese Psychology”
Jocelyn Durand, author of "From Fear to Freedom—Triumphing Over Abuse and Difficult Behaviors"